What is the difference between DVM Plus II, DVM Plus III and DVM Plus III HR?
DVM Plus III This is a 208/230V-3Ph-60Hz heat pump system. It features three capacities of outdoor units, all with a variable speed compressor. This system has capacities ranging from 80,000 to 360,000 Btu/h.
    DVM Plus III HR(Heat Recovery) This is a system that has all the features of the DVM Plus III and expands them by providing the ability to heat and cool simultaneously. This is accomplished by having three refrigerent pipes being run from the outdoor unit(s) to the MCU(Mode Change Unit) and from the MCU's to the indoor units. This allows the indoor units to operate in either cooling or heating, based on the individual user's preference or changing building loads. The DVM Plus III HR system is perfect for hotels, offices and other applications where occupancy or load requires complete flexibility.
DVM Plus II Flow This is a 460V-3Ph-60Hz heat pump system. It features 6 outdoor units, 4 variable speed and 4 fixed-capacity. For larger capacities, a variable unit is always paried with one or two fixed capacity units. The DVM Plus II system is only available as a heat pump, so the indoor units do not have the ability to heat and cool simultaneously.